Everything You Need to Get Your first 1,000 Customers on Less than $100 a Month Budget

Go From “My Business Sucks… to … My Business is Awesome!”   Disclaimer: The goal of this article is to offer an un-modified view of growth potential for your business. And while we can’t tell you what will work for your business, we hope that you can learn a lot from what’s always worked, what’s working (and not working) for reputable and successful online companies.     The first 1,000 customers to your business will be challenging and will

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Network Marketing Recruiting Secrets: 4 Methods to Build a Team

Network Marketing Recruiting Secrets: 4 Methods on How to Build a Team Prefer to listen to the podcast? For most people, Network Marketing Recruiting will simply be too freighting to even try.   For those who do choose to try, the ones that are well equipped with proper training will find themselves experiencing success far more often. Network Marketing Recruiting for your own home-based business, can easily be the one thing you’re most afraid when it is time to present your

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Network Marketing Strategy: 7 Ways to Simplify and Find Success

    When you get started in network marketing, which also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), or direct sales, you can guarantee within your first few weeks you are going to come across some hype. BIG time. This will either come from your own company pumping you up to make thousands a month, by following a process of finding 3 people, who find 3 people, who find 3 people…..making it sound like people will be banging your door down the minute you

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Marketing Your Unique Value in Your Small Business

It all comes down to this: Successful business entrepreneurs do not always follow the crowd, or blindly participate in the latest “fad”. They have a clear marketing strategy and that makes every action they take more effective. Unfortunately, the majority of small business owners stay too wrapped up in daily actions such as: blogging, emailing, and especially social media updates that are not actively moving them forward on decisions that will improve the performance of these strategies. Simply put,

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The Best Marketing Strategy to Attract Customers

 How to give your audience the best information (so they buy) in your Industry / Niche At Intentional Marketer University we always aim to give you the best inside information to succeed in your business. This article will help you define, decide, and write social media posts, blog posts, and any other piece of information. The whole point is to actually get noticed by your audience. The strategies you are about to learn will work with any topic, for

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7 Ways to Make Selling Your Products Easier Than Ever

  Have you exhausted your hot leads, your warm market, and even the cold market recommended by your friend’s friends? By now, you might be starting to rethink this whole “home business sales thing”. But here is where we want to change course, stop thinking of it as a chore, and start thinking of selling as an adventure for you to conquer. Working actively to build your home based business means that you are the only person who 1.

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