3 Ways to Create Social Content to Promote Your Products and Services (in under 1 Hour!)

    Content development cannot stop in your business. Prefer to Watch the Video? As you know, being in business means a constant stream of promotion. It is your main job as a business owner to develop ‘content’ that is posted on your website and subsequently on your social sites.   And even though this is a necessity for the success of your business, we find that many entrepreneurs feel at a loss when it comes to producing content

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Show Off Your Products by Using an Influencer Marketing Strategy

  The rise of the influencer has become a big buzz word around the marketing water cooler. Traditional outbound marketing, where ads and billboards are TELLING consumers what to buy, has fallen by the way side. 86% of consumers are suffering from “banner blindness”, so a new approach to inbound marketing has to be explored in today’s marketplace. What this means is in today’s consumers have become blind to your billboards and they are deaf to your advertisements. They

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New to Content Marketing? 3 FREE and Easy Ways to Get Started Creating Content This Week

  Ever feel like there is more to do inside of your business than you can keep track of? We understand! But, (and this is important)… even if you are new to content marketing, you can use our 3 free and easy ways to get started creating content!   Prefer to Listen to the Podcast? Content for your business is going to be hands down the most important aspect of business growth you have, trust us, we have worked

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5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Promote Your Business Online and Reach New Customers Every Day

Promote Your Business Online and Reach New Customers Every Day If you’re brand new to the online business world or you’ve been working hard on your business for quite some time, you must know that there is always an opening to increase the promotion and influence of your business. For years now, society has been growing ever more dependent on digital searches to find your services and your business products. For those of you just getting started building your

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Why Starting A Blog is Smart Business

Why Starting A Blog is Smart Business   Why should you write a blog? If you are running your business online, then a blog is essential.  You may be functioning on information overload right now. You have had way too many “systems” and “training” and “absolute must-have tools” for your business shoved in your face.   However, a blog is not one of them.     A few statistics from blog.hubspot.com: 61% of global Internet users research products online.

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7 Tools to Boost Your Visual Content for Your Marketing Strategy

    The bad news? The majority of digital marketers would admit that they do not feel creating visual images is a strong suit for them. The good news? Creativity can be learned, you do not have to struggle with visual marketing ever again…   If you have known for a while that you need to up your social media game by including loads more visual content, you probably have been looking for resources on how to create and effectively

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