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The long-term success of your business is going to depend on having active team members who are excited to be recruiting themselves and selling the product.

Your goal in using this guide is to understand what your role as team leader is going to be. It will also serve as a strategy for recruiting and keeping members active.

As you build your team, it will benefit you to have clear goals about how many members you want to recruit, your role in keeping them excited and active, and how to inspire them to recruit their team members as well.

By now, you have jumped on the social media train headed towards Google Plus. Maybe you are using their profiles, pages, hangouts, or all 3 (Maybe more!! Good for you!)

If you are not using Google Plus yet, maybe you do not see the value in adding one more social media platform to your already busy social media marketing strategy.

This article is to educate you exactly on How to Use Google Plus For Your Direct Sales Business.