Here Are 5 Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram During the Holidays

Are you struggling for ideas about what to post on Instagram this holiday season? Are you seeing extra engagement on your Instagram profile, resulting in the sales that you expect? Social media has become an integral part of holiday shopping. People are out surfing on Instagram looking for holiday specials, creative gift ideas and inspiration. Did you know that 67 of consumers have purchased a gift they saw on social media? Instagram is such a great platform for the

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2017 Best Guide to FREE Marketing Using Popular Social Media Channels

      The landscape of social media is always changing, even multiple times in the same calendar year!   So as we come to the end of this year, IMU has compiled the 2017 Best Guide to FREE Marketing using Popular Social Media Channels.   Today’s biggest platforms, with the best free lead generation available are Facebook and Instagram. Use this guide, with the available FREE infographic printout to direct your social media marketing strategy throughout the next

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[Problem & Solution] 4 Free Ways to Market Your Business Without Using Social Media

      Social media isn’t the only way to promote your product. What if you woke up tomorrow and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube ceased to exist? How would you market your products and services?     What if you really dislike social media and feel like marketing your business online is all about having a social media presence?   Either of these scenarios are completely possible. While social media itself will probably never disappear, your accounts could

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7 Laws Guaranteed to Get FREE Leads from Social Media in 2017

    Do you want a successful and profitable business? Of course you do, so how do you make that happen?   Well you’re in luck, this article is giving you the 2017 Definitive Guide on how to get FREE customer leads from social media into your business.     Prefer to watch the video? Basic Laws of Customer Leads         Law #1: People ONLY buy when they need something and trust the source they’re buying it

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3 Ways to Create Social Content to Promote Your Products and Services (in under 1 Hour!)

    Content development cannot stop in your business. Prefer to Watch the Video? As you know, being in business means a constant stream of promotion. It is your main job as a business owner to develop ‘content’ that is posted on your website and subsequently on your social sites.   And even though this is a necessity for the success of your business, we find that many entrepreneurs feel at a loss when it comes to producing content

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New to Content Marketing? 3 FREE and Easy Ways to Get Started Creating Content This Week

  Ever feel like there is more to do inside of your business than you can keep track of? We understand! But, (and this is important)… even if you are new to content marketing, you can use our 3 free and easy ways to get started creating content!   Prefer to Listen to the Podcast? Content for your business is going to be hands down the most important aspect of business growth you have, trust us, we have worked

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