Storytelling: Hot Marketing Strategies Today

Hot Marketing Strategies Today – Storytelling     Storytelling is one of the hottest marketing strategies today. A good story will get to a buyers emotions, shake them to their core, and ultimately get them to buy whatever you’re selling! Good stories compel people to change. Some of the ways people are compelled to change: The Way They Feel – Stories get to a person’s emotions. Being emotional drives people toward change.

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How You Can Create Share-worthy Content (a.k.a. GO VIRAL)

  10 Reasons Why Content Goes Viral   Educational Content Posts, articles, etc that teach the reader something practical will get shared more often. Why? People not only want to appear helpful to their followers, but they also want to appear smart. Sharing content that educates shows that a user is following and sharing useful sources.   Positive Content Studies show that positive content is shared more often than negative content. How many of you have countless inspirational posts

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